Machida House: A traditional Japanese house with a joined wooden frame and tsuchikabe walls
伝統構法の家のダイニングキッチン 木組みと土壁の玄関 木組みと土壁の玄関と階段 伝統構法の日本家屋・階段 伝統工法の日本家屋・格子
Type: New house
Location: Machida-shi, Tokyo
Method: Traditional Japanese wooden construction
Tsuchikabe walls reinforced by bamboo laths
Total floor area: 85.8 m2
Completed: 2000
Design/construction: Seyseysha

This two-story house in Machida-shi, Tokyo is built through traditional construction methods.
For the building materials, we used solid cedar, Japanese cypress, sawara cypress, mulberry ,and chestnut, all from Japan.
All the walls follow the age-old form: clay reinforced by bamboo laths.
The facade is a poised traditional townhouse design with lattices and a certain frame called makukake.

The thick, solid wood gives the house an insulative integrity, creating a space where the gentle warmth of natural materials keep the residents―husband and wife―comfortable year-round.