Seyseysha : Designing and building through the techniques of traditional Japanese wooden architecture

日本家屋の建築家・大工棟梁 深田真
Seyseysha uses traditional construction methods to create wooden architecture in a classical Japanese mode, applying centuries-old techniques to everything from the design phase to the building stage. Staying true to the principles of construction methods with firm roots in tradition, we not only build, renovate, and repair houses, stores, and other facilities but also repair, relocate, and restore traditional homes and machiya (wooden townhouses) and craft woodworked furniture, as well.
 Master carpenter Makoto Fukada sees every project through from start to finish. He works closely with each client to draft the optimal design and then handles all the on-site carpentry, construction, and supervisor duties himself.
 More than ensuring sturdy, long-lasting performance, Seyseysha’s creations embody elegant spaces where people can live in safe, secure comfort for generations?and dwell in harmony with the natural environment.

 At Seyseysha, we’re happy to take on projects across Japan and around the world.
We’d love to show you what we can do.

Makoto Fukada
Master carpenter
Head builder, Seyseysha

木造伝統工法の木組み構造と竹小舞-峠田の家-設計施工 惺々舎