Seyseysha: Japanese Traditional Wooden Architecture
(Design and build)
Makoto Fukada : Traditional carpenter and architect

日本家屋の建築家・大工棟梁 深田真
At Seyseysha, we use traditional Japanese construction methods and natural materials to design, build, and transform Japanese-style houses with joined wooden frames and mud tsuchikabe walls (wattle and daub walls made of mud plaster mixed with straw).

Seyseysha is the work of Makoto Fukuda, whose mastery of time-honored techniques lays the foundation for everything we do—from building and renovating wooden buildings to relocating and restoring traditional Japanese homes and classical machiya (wooden townhouses).
木造伝統工法の木組み構造と竹小舞-峠田の家-設計施工 惺々舎
We do everything in-house

Every building project involves multiple steps. To cover everything from the initial design phase to the actual building stage, conventional builders normally divide the different pieces among multiple contractors. At Seyseysha, however, we do everything in-house—to us, a project is a work of art with a singular vision. Fukada, well-versed in the ways of wood, designs and crafts each individual building with care and dedication, utilizing his vision and expertise every step of the way.

When natural materials and that painstaking artistry come together, the results are amazing: warm, restful homes architecture that get better with age.  In Seyseysha’s works, the ideals of the past—a belief in the co-existence between nature and humanity—find new expression. We want that spirit to live on into the future.

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At Seyseysha, we’re happy to take on projects across Japan and around the world. We’d love to show you what we can do.

Makoto Fukada
Master carpenter
Head builder, Seyseysha

木造伝統工法の木組み構造と竹小舞-鴨川の家-設計施工 惺々舎