Omotesandō Clinic: Renovated condominium in solid wood
無垢の木と自然素材のマンションリフォーム・指圧治療室 無垢の木のマンションリフォーム・玄関 無垢の木のマンションリフォーム・洗面所 無垢の木のマンションリフォーム・玄関
Type: Renovated condominium
Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo
Method: Renovation with solid wood and natural materials
Total floor area: 40.0 m2
Completed: 2002
Design/construction: Seyseysha

This room of an old condominium was renovated to shiatsu, acupressure, clinic by solid wood and natural materials.
Covering in cedar, Japanese cypress, sawara cypress, and other natural materials, the concrete room of the condominium was remodeled into a healing space smelling the wood aroma.