Tōgeta House: Joined wooden frame on stone supports
伝統構法の高床式石場建て住宅 伝統構法の木組みと竹小舞下地土壁 伝統構法石場建ての建前風景 伝統構法の丸太地組刻み風景 伝統構法石場建ての構造図面
Type: New house
Location: Katta-gun, Miyagi
Method: Traditional Japanese wooden construction
Tsuchikabe walls reinforced by bamboo laths
Total floor area: 100.0 m2
Completed: 2003
Design/construction: Seyseysha

This one-story house is made of local cedar through traditional construction methods.
Instead of developing a hillside area, I made use of the original landscape. The house is a raised flooring type house with granite cornerstones called ishibadate (a setup where pillars stand on stones instead of being fixed deep into the ground).

The client carried out the interior finishing, flooring and plastering a wall, by themselves.

(This house appeared in the Issue 14 of Kangaeruhito.)