伝統構法・日本建築のダイニングキッチン 惺々舎
Setagaya House: A traditional Japanese house with a joined wooden frame and tsuchikabe walls
日本家屋の玄関内部 伝統構法・木組みと土壁の家 日本家屋の室内と丸太の小屋組 伝統構法の家の玄関外部 伝統構法の家の和室
伝統構法の家の和室と廊下 伝統構法の家の室内と丸太梁の小屋組 日本家屋の木の廊下 伝統構法の家の洗面所 伝統構法の家のトイレ
木の家の浴室 伝統構法の構造俯瞰図面 伝統構法の家・土壁竹小舞掻き 伝統構法の家・丸太組と竹小舞 伝統構法の大黒柱
Type: New house
Location: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Method: Traditional Japanese wooden construction
Tsuchikabe walls reinforced by bamboo laths
Total floor area: 66.9 m2
Completed: 2010
Design/construction: Seyseysha

This one-story house is located in residential area in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo by traditional construction methods.
For the building materials, we used solid cedar, cypress, red pine, and chestnut, all from Japan.
All the walls follow the age-old form: clay reinforced by bamboo laths. We used a middle-layer plaster finish (a mixed coating of clay, sand, and stray) for the interior walls and Tosa shikkui handa shiage (a mixture of clay, sand, straw, and Tosa plaster) for the outside walls.

The married couple asked me to build a house to spent their life after retirement.
The lifestyle is not the original of Japanese traditional house. They use a table and chairs in the kitchen-dining room. I planed it that contains both Japanese and Western life styles.